Simon Says

by Oceans Grey

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Oceans Grey's debut EP, "Simon Says".


released January 10, 2015

Recorded by Niko Albanese at Thanasphere Productions.
Artwork by Errick Easterday.



all rights reserved


Oceans Grey Indiana

Oceans Grey is a four piece metalcore band from Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Track Name: Kick Me
Can't we
Agree to disagree
These tables always turn on me
You're not the boss you claim to be
I'm not the one playing the
Innocent card
When it's pushed too far

Push this bullshit aside
Pick it up
Where we left off
I'm fucking sick
Self righteousness at it's finest
I'm sick of it
We read you like a fucking book

You never test it, you never learn
Rid yourself of the title you've earned
You can try and force your views
The way you think things
Should be

Do your worst
And fucking kick me
While I'm down

This wasn't meant to be cut up and re-used
Half of what these "men" stand for is not even true
Simon says that the siding is residing
Keep walkin' out to fall back through
This wasn't meant to be divided in two

Pick it up where we left off
It's nothing new
This wasn't meant
To be divided in two
Track Name: Fresh Bait Ft. Elijah Dale
Sometimes things don't have to make sense
The greatest things tend to happen
When you feel there's nothing left
When you feel all your friends lift
And help you up for a guide
The compass points south, let it bring you a light
Let it cherish, re-embellish you

Fuck it, let's start this over
All you've been giving me is cold shoulders
I'm weary now, but getting bolder
Knowing now we're just getting older

Now I know that we've just grown older
I'll break apart these rocks of a loner

Fresh bait out here alone

All you've been giving me is the cold shoulder
I'm weary now, but I'm getting bolder
Track Name: Granted
I've been watching my footsteps.
I've been watching all my peers go blind.
I've been taking everything for granted.
Track Name: Sewing the Raw
For the weak minded
Who don't give a fuck
For the weak hearted
Who feel like giving up

Just know this shit won't heal when I grow
I know that I'm no fucking role model
I see a light brightening out from a bottle
Which just shows this shit won't seal up and close

For a man blinded
By his own desperate thoughts
Take a hand to give back
What was never lost